Hi I'm Carol Jean!

Steamboat Springs Artist Carol Jean

I’m a Yampa Valley resident for almost 5 decades, I specialize in colorful Colorado landscapes, quirky art with a quantum twist, and live event paintings. Although I don’t hand paint cars anymore, I might consider it for the right offer!

As prophesied by a palm reader on her 21st birthday, Carol has indeed become a successful and sought after artist.

Carol Jean talks explains the idea behind her paintings

Carol Jean was born to be an artist. It was obvious at an early age that Carol possessed above average artistic talents. When given her first box of crayons Carol expressed her genius by actually coloring with them instead of inserting them in nasal orifices or eating them.

After moving to Steamboat Springs Colorado, Carol spent many years trying out different jobs and roles. She has done it all, from waiting tables, delivering lost luggage, to owning and operating the local fun attraction, Putt-Putt Golf and River Rafting on the banks of the Yampa River.

Although she may have been born to be an artist it took her a few years to figure it out. It was on her 50th birthday that she had an awakening to her true calling as an artist. Since then she has painted over 900 pieces of work. In 2007 she was selected for the Peoples Choice Award at the Steamboat Art Council’s 25th Emerald Show. 

Her personal goals include: Living a long and fruitful life by painting daily, dancing at live rock & roll concerts (front and center), and creating art that inspires others to be connected to the world. 

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All of my art prints are produced to exacting standards and are shipped rolled in a tube. Prints fit in a standard frame of 18 x 24.

Artist Statement

“If physics follows the same laws of physics, then should art follow the same laws of art?

Have you ever been in a room with a hundred people and felt a sense of loneliness and isolation, and then you…go outside in nature… and feel connected?  When loneliness sets in for me, I shut my studio door…go outside…sit in the park and purposely feel the awareness of the trees and plants. I say hello to the birds and the bugs who look at me with curiosity and wonderment.

This is who I am as an artist, bringing the spirit of nature through the essence of quantum physics. I invite you to look into my work and see the vibrations of these littles spirits letting you know…you are never alone.

Now that I have found a purpose in my art. I have taken on the challenge to pass the artist Pablo Picasso’s record of fifty thousand pieces of artwork…I can do that.  It is like setting a goal to climb a mountain, swim across a channel or to live to be a hundred years old.   

I feel this desire…or is this my destiny as a human to take it further, to break records, to evolve? Either way it is a goal I have committed too and as of February 2022 I have done over 7400 watercolor/ink drawings and paintings.

It’s all about human connection.  

– CJ, 2022